Welcome to our new project

Open a second bakery at Alafaya commons


We want to offer you an authentic French bakery and pastry shop as you can find on vacation in Paris. Find the flavor of a good flaky butter croissant or the delicacy of a pastry playing with textures and tastes.
At Winter garden we only offer takeaway because we don’t have room to put tables inside.
For the Alafaya project, we will have room for 10 to 20 people to enjoy a lunch or a sweet delight over coffee.
There are two other points that we have postponed due to lack of space at Winter Garden: developing chocolate in many ways and a room to organize regular masterclasses for our customers.
All of this may soon become possible because of you.
In any case, you will feel for a few moments as if you were in France for a magical moment.
Why a Kickstarter for a funded project?
Unfortunately, with our non-permanent resident status (E2 visa), we are not allowed to have business loans for more than one year.
The best option we were offered was $90,000, which we accepted, but it won’t be enough.
However, we already have most of the equipment we need to get started. We will be able to continue to purchase materials for the chocolate factory and masterclasses as we progress.
We will still need a minimum that we will not be able to bring from Winter Garden, mainly all the material for the store (display cases, coffee machine, tables and chairs, as well as the walk-in coolers).
That’s why we are calling on our community (family, friends, existing and future customers) to help us carry out this project.

Breakdown of costs and their financing :

  • Build out: $ 80000
  • Store equipment: $ 43500
  • Minimum kitchen equipment: $ 35,000
Total : $ 158,500
  • masterclass room: $ 35,000
  • chocolate factory : $ 40,000
grand total: $ 238,500
Financing :
  • Personal contribution: $50,000
  • Loan : $90,000
  • Kickstarter : $18,500 ($25000-$7500 fees)
Total : $ 158,500
If by chance, many of you support our project, and we reach the following additional levels, we will directly open the masterclass ($ 60,000) and the chocolate factory ($100,000).



The bakery of our dreams is about to open, but without the support of banks for long-term loans, we realize that we cannot do it alone.
We put in only $25,000 (we know that’s a lot of money already) because Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform. So we put in the minimum needed to make sure we can open properly, hoping for the massive support of our project and be able to open with the masterclass and the chocolate factory.
We are so grateful to everyone who will support me throughout this journey.  None of this would be possible without our supporters and clients! we owe it all to you to help this dream come to life.We’re so excited for you to see our vision come to life!
Thank you so much for supporting Le Petit Paris, it means the world to us!
Can’t wait to see you there on the grand opening day 🙂
Stéphan’ & Véronique