I finally have some good news for you. Indeed, after a few more adventures, since we are back in Florida, we have made good progress on our project.

Find a bakery for sale:

In January, after our return to France, we were in negotiations with a landlord (owner) for a premises in eastern Orlando, despite a lot of energy deployed we did not have this premises which was ideally located.
We had to find another location. Before leaving Florida in January, we had visited a bakery for sale in eastern Orlando. More than to hope that it was still on the market.
Fortunately for us, it still hadn’t been sold. After a second visit, we go ahead and make an offer. After a small negotiation we agree.

Here we are again meeting a new landlord. This time we are lucky enough to be able to negotiate directly with him. So this is a difficult negotiation, but we manage to reach an agreement.

The visa:

Here we are facing another big step: the preparation of the file for the visa.
We have just finalized our file for the American Embassy in Paris. After paying our administrative fees, we were able to make an appointment for the interview.
For us it will be for mid-April, on Monday 15 precisely. Only three more weeks to refine my preparation, to know the figures of my forecast and to know how to answer any questions the emigration officer may have, all in English of course.
To put all the chances on my side, chez asked for the help of a coach specialized in the passage of the E2 visa. We work every week to find the right vocabulary and expressions to highlight our skills and the quality of the bakery we buy. And of course, work on my pronunciation thoroughly.

So here we are, we are fast approaching the sesame and we can hope to come to the United States and open our bakery at the beginning of May. But between the time we get the visa and the time we open, there is a lot to manage, personal administrative procedures, finding a house to rent, a school for children and so on…

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