Easter (Pâques) is an important holiday in France. Families usually gather for this three-day weekend. The Monday after Easter is a holiday in France.

Pâques is Easter but also Spring Vacation that lasts for two weeks.

A traditional Easter dish is lamb. Families usually have an Easter Meal with a lamb dish like a leg of lamb or lamb stew and a chocolate cake dessert.

Eggs Easter Le Petit Paris WG

The Catholic tradition dictates that church bells don’t ring between Good Friday (Vendredi Saint) and Easter Sunday to commemorate the death of Christ and his resurrection.
In France, the tradition said that the Bells were flying to Rome during that time to be blessed by the Pope. They would come back from the trip loaded with presents.
Sunday morning marks the beginning of the Egg Hunt. Kids run outside to collect chocolate eggs, roosters, bunnies, chicken hidden in the yard. Cities, communities, and families organize Easter egg hunts.

Flying Bells

Easter Chocolate is a popular tradition in France. Decorated chocolate eggs, bunnies, bells, fishes are common gifts to give children (and adults). It’s the opportunity for Chocolatiers to let their imagination speaks and the windows of the chocolate shops and the bakery display are unique and so yummy!

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If you have the chance to be in Alsace during Easter time, you are in for a treat. Easter Markets are themed outdoor markets filled with everything Easter.

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