We’re off again for a month-long stay in Florida. Indeed, after a very long wait on the premises we had found in January, we still do not have a clear answer from the owner. A priori our status as a visa applicant scares him a little. So we had to continue our research and reconnect with a bakery we had also visited at the end of our trip in January. But before I tell you all this, let me tell you where we stand on the French side.

The sale of the house

That’s it, we sold our house in the Paris region, the sale went very well and we gave the keys to our “chez nous”  to a family that is very eager to move in. I have no doubt that they will have as much happiness and good memories as we do in this magnificent house.

Our move also went very well. It still took three days for a team of professional movers to get through the more than 350 boxes we had.
So we are waiting for an address in Florida to be able to send the container, for the moment it is waiting nicely in a storage unit.

Our first project on Orlando.

As I said in the introduction, we have no concrete news from the owner of the premises we found in Orlando. Despite the crush we had on each other, we can’t afford to wait too long to decide. So it is with regret that we begin to look elsewhere.

Second project also on Orlando

Just before leaving Florida at the end of January, we visited another bakery in another part of Orlando. It produces almost nothing but bread, and will require some work to develop the pastry and sandwich shop. The location is good, even if it is not worth the first one. It still has some advantages over the first one.

The main thing for us is that he does a few markets, and the waiting list to get a place is sometimes counted in years. This would allow us to make ourselves known more quickly to the ideal clientele. Because the American markets (Farmer markets) only sell local products and mainly food. So customers in these markets are more used to cooking and are more familiar with the culinary culture.

The second positive point is that the room is very well equipped. Maybe a little bit equipped on the bakery side when there is a lot missing in the pastry level.

And finally, a point that doesn’t spoil anything, the rent enters our budget this time.


To conclude, as I said at the beginning, we are going back to Orlando for a month to finalize the negotiations, and hope to be able to submit our visa application soon. We still have a lot of work to do before we can pour the champagne, but well, we’ve never been so close to success. We cross our fingers again, so that everything goes well with the landlord (Wall owner) who also has a say in the sale.

In any case I will keep you informed of the progress and share photos of Florida on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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