First of all I wish to present to you again all my vows for this year 2019, which can bring you all what you want, as well as the health for you and your loved ones. As far as we are concerned we hope which takes us quickly to Florida.

The recipe challenge:

We will address several things in this little post, the first is as certain one noticed I did not meet my challenge by succeeding to post two recipes a week because I have not done this for two weeks. I have not given up and this will have to resume soon (next week if possible). Indeed the search for recipes takes me longer than I thought and I have had a lot of things to manage in the last 15 days as you will understand with the sequel. But you are not going to lose anything because I décalerai in time to offer you the 30 recipes planned.  

Our move:

The second point is that we prepare the move of our house and this is enormously consuming (it’s been almost nine years that we live there and with family of five people accumulate a lot of things that must be sorted when we leave).  

The project in Florida

The third is simply our Florida project that is moving slowly but still advancing. We will be back in Florida the two weeks that come mainly to find a trade to redeem or if there is no interesting available can be an empty space and make downright a creation starting from scratch. We have several trails that are spread across Florida, this goes from the West Coast in the Tampa area to the south East Coast as we approach Miami as well as North East with our favorite St. Augustine and not forgetting of course Orlando.   That is where we are now, and I will keep you informed of our journey and the progress we will make as we go along.

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